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If You Want to Protect Furniture, Cat Scratching Pad Could Be The Best!

If You Want to Protect Furniture, Cat Scratching Pad Could Be The Best!What bout the Cat Scratching Pad,here we are going to introduce one item for you. It may help.

Cat Scratching Pad
Cat Scratching Pad

It is “Delxo Cat Scratcher Durable Reversible Cat Scratching Pad Recycled Harden Corrugated Cardboard Sturdy Eco-Friendly Design Maintain Healthy Cat Claws and Protect Furniture Catnip (8 Shap Pads)”.

It is practical and useful for you to protect your furniture  and also protect your lovely pet.

ENTERTAIN YOUR CAT – Cat Scratcher Lounge provides the right place to satisfy cats’ natural scratching needs. Comfortable natural lounge scratcher is designed for cat body engineering than other cat scratching products. It also doubles as a place for cats to lounge and turns it into a cat house or cat bed. They’ll enjoy hours of exploring, scratching and resting.

PROTECT YOUR SPACE – Protecting your familiars and furniture from claw damage. Say no to scratches, torn drapes and ripped couches. Your feline friend won’t be able to resist scratching away at this lounger which is designed for just that!

Cat Scratching Pad
Cat Scratching Pad

DURABLE CONSTRUCTION – Higher density hardens corrugated cardboard with double side design. The high-density textures, the using time is twice than the ordinary one. This scratch pad can withstand the constant pressure of daily use. Enjoy long-lasting performance and durability.

MADE WITH 100% RECYCLED CARDBOARD – Non-Toxic, environmentally friendly material is recyclable, reducing your carbon footprint. Award your cat with the free Organic Catnip (included) which your cat will absolutely love. It is safe for your cats and the environment.

UNIQUE DESIGN & PERFECT SIZE – This scratcher has a fashionable design that will match any home decoration flawlessly which you will never have to put it away if your guests come to visit you. For Small to Medium Size Cats(29.7×8.25×8.64 Inches), it will not take up a lot of space in your house. Attractive design, neutral colors, suitable size. Belong to your cat scratcher.


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