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A Pet Story about Petty Mice

Petty mice There are many people walking on the street with their pets. “I also want a pet.” Doug pig went home and said to pig mother.

Petty Mice
Petty Mice

A little mouse heard this and ran to Doudou pig and said, “I’ll be your pet, ok?”
“good! Yes! ”

The little mouse became the pet of the Doudou pig. He followed the Doudou pig wherever it went. “Doug pig, how do you look!” Others said.

However, there is a lot of trouble. At home, the little mouse said after a while, “Master, I am hungry.” After a while he cried again, “Master, my feet are very sour. Rub them for me.”

The little mouse was full. Doug You Zhu rubbed his feet for him. Is he probably all right now? Ha ha, Doudou pig is wrong!

“Master, you play with me!” The little mouse twisted its waist and spread its charm.

After playing with the little mouse all afternoon, before dinner, the pig mother said, “Doudou pig, help the little mouse take a bath.”

Oh, boy! There’s so much going on. Doudou pig regretted having a pet. he said, “mom, I’ll give you the mouse as a pet!”

The pig mother laughed and said, “I already have a pet.”

“Who is it?” Doug pig asked in surprise, but he didn’t know anything about it.

“That’s you!”

This night, Doudou pig was lying on the bed and couldn’t sleep. He thought: I feel very tired after raising my pet all day. My mother must be very tired after raising me for such a long time.

-small story, great wisdom-

Children are the treasure in mother’s heart. Mom and dad raised us not easily, very hard. Be sure to thank mom and dad!


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