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Lovely Puppy Composition

I have a naughty and lovely puppy. The dog has a white coat. When the dog runs, it rolls like a snowball. A pair of round and smart eyes hidden in the long fluff, a pair of ears warily listening to all suspicious sounds around. The dog also has a pair of sharp claws and a high tail, which makes it very arrogant. The dog is very fierce, as long as he hears or sees anything, he will give an “alarm” and be ready for battle.

Lovely Puppy
Lovely Puppy

It is very strange when eating. It does not wolf down like our adults, but wolf down like wolves, and it picks up the food to find a hidden place to eat alone. Do you think it is strange?

Apart from being naughty, it is also cute. When sleeping, it will find a quiet and warm place to lie down, close its eyes and fast asleep. When the dog is happy, it will purr to relieve its boredom, but if it is not happy, it will not say a word no matter how many good words anyone says.

Puppies love biscuits very much. I take this opportunity to fish the puppies. I first take out a slender bamboo, then tie it to the other end of the bamboo with a thread, and then use a piece of milk to pull a flower biscuit to sway over it, making the puppies dazzling. I suddenly stopped shaking and hung the biscuit in front of the puppy. The puppy immediately recovered and pounced on the biscuit. I moved the biscuit behind the puppy and made it empty. This lasted for several minutes. The puppy pretended to be “defeated” and I immediately relaxed my guard. But the puppy quickly turned around and bit the biscuit. Fortunately, I responded quickly and the puppy only bit the thread. I tried to pull back the line, but the harder I tried, the tighter the dog pulled. I thought to myself: it seems that I can’t storm, I can only outwit. I stopped “attacking”. the dog thought I surrendered, so he happily prepared to enjoy the biscuit. I took advantage of this opportunity to pull hard, and the biscuit returned to my hands.


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