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Investigation Report on Social Practice of Pet Life

Investigation Report on Social Practice of Community Pets

Investigation Report on Pets
Investigation Report on Pets

I. Investigation Topic: Understanding Pet Life

II. Investigator: xxx

III. Sources of Investigation: 1. Pet Life Questionnaire (Note: See attached table for the questionnaire)

IV. the purpose of the survey: to go deep into the city’s pet life, so as to understand them.

V. the survey content:

1. Pet Status: People are rich and poor, and they are no exception. An ordinary family background has brought them a series of troubles-many people think that only animals in pet shops can be regarded as “animals”. Animals without this name can only look at those favored animals in the distance, starving, suffering and freezing themselves … Therefore, I advocate to care more for abandoned and wandering animals.

2. Pet food: Choosing the right food can bring them health. It is also important to understand their needs. There are differences in animal species and needs. For example, cats and dogs wandering on the street can often see that they eat garbage and food thrown away by human beings. The food eaten by human beings will be very salty. They will lose all their hair after eating, which is unhealthy.

3. How to raise them well: To raise them well, the first condition is to check different raising methods for them. A small number of people will be ready for their arrival and future. The data show that most people know something and a few will know it in depth. To my relief, everyone loves them very much.

4. Takuwa and them get along every day: it is necessary to keep friendship with pets and get along with them every day. If you spend one hour with them every day and one year, you will spend 365 hours, 15 days and 5 hours. What a big number! The time spent with it every day determines the intimacy with them. The longer the time, the better, and the greater the care for them.

5, understand their illness: to prevent diseases, we should start from understanding the symptoms. In order not to let them suffer from large-scale diseases, when they start to attack, we need to use different methods to prevent them, so only by understanding the disease deeply can we resist all diseases.

6. Do you know their habits? Knowing their living habits can provide them with a better living environment. Every pet has a different character, therefore, every pet has a different living habit, and the living environment also creates different pets. It is useful to know their living habits. For example, in humid environment, their bodies will be very humid. At this time, we need to let them get more sunshine in sunny places.

7. Do you take them for physical examination on a regular basis? Regular physical examination is also essential for them. For example, people need physical examination once a year in order to protect their physical and mental health. Then, many people will ask, do pets need a physical examination? Of course, moreover, it needs to go to physical examination frequently. For example, dogs have a bad habit: as the saying goes, dogs cannot change their eating habits. This sentence illustrates the dog’s habit of eating garbage. Of course, eating garbage will make him sick, and germs will accumulate over time. Taking them for physical examination will find out many problems. Physical examination is still necessary.

8. Are there any major epidemic prevention diseases: dogs and cats, for example, need vaccines every year to prevent serious diseases such as rabies from infecting them. Rabies is a very terrible disease. Once infected, one must die. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent them from major diseases. Many owners have taken precautions against their pets, which is commendable.

9. Status of pets in the heart: What is the position of pets in the heart? A loving person will regard the pet as a member of the family. So, isn’t it psychologically prepared to take it home and regard it as a member of the family? Most people have neglected this point. They are not members of the family. Are they what children call “toys”? After telling the pets to listen, they will be very disappointed, so I appeal to everyone to cherish your pets.

10. Ownership of pets: When we have to leave our favorite pets, what we can do is to wish them a better and happier life than they are now. At the same time, we should hand it over to a family with a good environment. Only in this way can you not regret that you did not bring them bad things but give them your best help. I appeal to everyone here, please don’t abandon them casually, even if you give them the best, they will still not forget you.

11. Investigation and analysis: 46 questionnaires were distributed, 44 were recovered and 44 were valid. According to the investigation, the analysis is as follows: people’s care for pets gradually increased.

12. Suggestions and Measures: 1. More people care for animals, adopt animals in foster homes and stray animals on the roadside. 2. Even if you can’t keep them, you can only see them at the roadside. Please give them some food. Don’t abuse them, please love them and give them a home. 4. When you are ready to raise them, please treat them well and treat them as a member of your family.

VI. The survey results: through the survey, I understand the life of pets in the city. this survey reminds the owners how they treat pets and how much they care for them, creating a better environment for pets to have a foothold in the family.

VII, the survey practice sentiment: Through this survey, first I improved my communication ability, secondly I also learned how to communicate with strangers, this survey, my speech ability also increased. I have provided a better environment for pets.


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