Pet Story

  • A Pet Story about Petty Mice

    Petty mice There are many people walking on the street with their pets. “I also want a pet.” Doug pig went home and said to pig mother. A little mouse heard this and ran to Doudou pig and said, “I’ll be your pet, ok?” “good! Yes! ” The little mouse became the pet of the Doudou pig. He followed the Doudou pig wherever it went. “Doug pig, how do you look!” Others said. However, there is a lot of trouble. At home, the little mouse said after a while, “Master,…

  • Lovely Puppy Composition

    I have a naughty and lovely puppy. The dog has a white coat. When the dog runs, it rolls like a snowball. A pair of round and smart eyes hidden in the long fluff, a pair of ears warily listening to all suspicious sounds around. The dog also has a pair of sharp claws and a high tail, which makes it very arrogant. The dog is very fierce, as long as he hears or sees anything, he will give an “alarm” and be ready for battle. It is very strange…