Pet Knowledge

  • Pets Are Families That Bring You Happiness

    Pets Are Families That Bring You Happiness,do you agree with this point of view? Most people now choose to keep pets. Although it takes a lot of time and money to raise cats and dogs, it does not affect their position in the director’s mind and life at all! Why do many people now regard pets as more important than their families? There are mainly six reasons: First of all, keeping pets can relieve emotional stress. Many workers have to work overtime every day and want to take a bath…

  • Measures for The Administration of Pet Feed in China

    This essay is about “Measures for the Administration of Pet Feed in China”. Article 1 In order to strengthen the management of pet feed, ensure the quality and safety of pet feed products, and promote the development of the pet feed industry, these measures are formulated in accordance with the regulations on the administration of feed and feed additives. Article 2 The term “pet feed” as mentioned in these Measures refers to products that are industrially processed and manufactured for direct consumption by pets, also known as pet food, including…

  • A China Pet Industry Analysis Report

    Since the end of the last century, the concept of pet has quietly arisen in China. After ten years of rapid development, it has gradually attracted widespread attention and attention from all walks of life. At present, a series of commercial activities such as production, sales and service around pets have undoubtedly appeared on China’s economic stage as a new industry. Judging from the development experience of the international market, the emergence and rise of this new industry indicates that the social economy has developed to a certain scale and…