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    Dear Pet for Pet Solutions

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  • Investigation Report on Social Practice of Pet Life

    Investigation Report on Social Practice of Community Pets I. Investigation Topic: Understanding Pet Life II. Investigator: xxx III. Sources of Investigation: 1. Pet Life Questionnaire (Note: See attached table for the questionnaire) IV. the purpose of the survey: to go deep into the city’s pet life, so as to understand them. V. the survey content: 1. Pet Status: People are rich and poor, and they are no exception. An ordinary family background has brought them a series of troubles-many people think that only animals in pet shops can be regarded…

  • A Pet Story about Petty Mice

    Petty mice There are many people walking on the street with their pets. “I also want a pet.” Doug pig went home and said to pig mother. A little mouse heard this and ran to Doudou pig and said, “I’ll be your pet, ok?” “good! Yes! ” The little mouse became the pet of the Doudou pig. He followed the Doudou pig wherever it went. “Doug pig, how do you look!” Others said. However, there is a lot of trouble. At home, the little mouse said after a while, “Master,…

  • Pets Are Families That Bring You Happiness

    Pets Are Families That Bring You Happiness,do you agree with this point of view? Most people now choose to keep pets. Although it takes a lot of time and money to raise cats and dogs, it does not affect their position in the director’s mind and life at all! Why do many people now regard pets as more important than their families? There are mainly six reasons: First of all, keeping pets can relieve emotional stress. Many workers have to work overtime every day and want to take a bath…

  • Measures for The Administration of Pet Feed in China

    This essay is about “Measures for the Administration of Pet Feed in China”. Article 1 In order to strengthen the management of pet feed, ensure the quality and safety of pet feed products, and promote the development of the pet feed industry, these measures are formulated in accordance with the regulations on the administration of feed and feed additives. Article 2 The term “pet feed” as mentioned in these Measures refers to products that are industrially processed and manufactured for direct consumption by pets, also known as pet food, including…

  • A China Pet Industry Analysis Report

    Since the end of the last century, the concept of pet has quietly arisen in China. After ten years of rapid development, it has gradually attracted widespread attention and attention from all walks of life. At present, a series of commercial activities such as production, sales and service around pets have undoubtedly appeared on China’s economic stage as a new industry. Judging from the development experience of the international market, the emergence and rise of this new industry indicates that the social economy has developed to a certain scale and…

  • Lovely Puppy Composition

    I have a naughty and lovely puppy. The dog has a white coat. When the dog runs, it rolls like a snowball. A pair of round and smart eyes hidden in the long fluff, a pair of ears warily listening to all suspicious sounds around. The dog also has a pair of sharp claws and a high tail, which makes it very arrogant. The dog is very fierce, as long as he hears or sees anything, he will give an “alarm” and be ready for battle. It is very strange…

  • If You Want to Protect Furniture, Cat Scratching Pad Could Be The Best!

    If You Want to Protect Furniture, Cat Scratching Pad Could Be The Best!What bout the Cat Scratching Pad,here we are going to introduce one item for you. It may help. It is “Delxo Cat Scratcher Durable Reversible Cat Scratching Pad Recycled Harden Corrugated Cardboard Sturdy Eco-Friendly Design Maintain Healthy Cat Claws and Protect Furniture Catnip (8 Shap Pads)”. It is practical and useful for you to protect your furniture  and also protect your lovely pet. ENTERTAIN YOUR CAT – Cat Scratcher Lounge provides the right place to satisfy cats’ natural…

  • Help You Protect Your Pets And It May Also Protect Your Soft

    If you have this item, Pets may have their attention changed and pets would focus on this item. Not bad. This item “Delxo Cat Scratching Post Durable with Cat Interactive Toys Cat Scratch Post Plush and Sisal Cat Scratcher Eco-Friendly Design Maintain Healthy Cat Claws” could help you protect your pets and it may also protect your soft from some scratch. ENTERTAIN YOUR CAT – Cat scratch post tree with interactive playful toy on the top. Served as a fun playground for pets and at the same time as their…

  • Little Teddy, Can’t You Get on The Sofa?

    Little Teddy, Can’t You Get on The Sofa? If you cannot get on the sofa, we have an excellent solution for you to help you little Teddy. We recommend this item to you and it may help. This item is “Delxo High Density Foam 3 Tier Pet Stairs,Comfy Micro Suede Pet Steps with Machine Washable Zippered Removable Cover with Anti-Slip Black Dot Bottom Loads 44lbs”. STC CERTIFICATE. For product quality and safety, our pet ladder has been approved with STC Certificate. Highest quality dog/cat stairs are guaranteed. PRODUCT DETAILS: Size:…

  • Help Your Pet Massage Or Bathing, You May Be in Troubles

    When you want to help your Pet Massage or Bathing, you may be in some kind of troubles since you may think about how to protect your skin from Scratches or Biting. This item can help you solve this problem. We recommend this item to you “Delxo Pet Hair Removal Gloves with Skin-Friendly Silicone Tips Pet Massage/Bathing Gloves for Long & Short Fur Protect Your Skin from Scratches or Biting Pet Get More Petting and Attention,1 Pair.” HEALTHIER PET & ENVIRONMENT – This Flexible Pet Bathing and Grooming Gloves allow…